Let me explain the welcome greeting to you

With a welcome greeting, we celebrate a child’s birth. It is a kind of baptism in a confession faith neutral ceremony (independently of the faith your practice. The godmother and the godfather, the grandparents, friends – everybody you would like to invite to this ceremony can assist to welcome your child on earth. Whether in the confessional framework or as a free baptism – free ceremonies are not tied to locations, such as churches.

A welcome greeting is the ideal choice when it comes to unify different cultures, languages and religions. Elements of different cultures can be integrated into the welcome greeting.

As a confessional neutral person, I create the ceremony according to your requests. You will get a ceremony tailor-made to your desires. You can bring your own music and lyrics requests, as I know this is of particular importance. 

The fee for the welcome greeting is CHF 880.-- This includes pre-meetings for the ceremony brief, thepreparation of the ceremony and my travel expenses up to max. 100 Km from Galgenen.  Any other out of pocket expenses will be charged additionally. 

Contact: Gabriela Rub, Bürglenweg 4, 8854 Galgenen

info@gabrielarub.ch  +41 55 442 92 22